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Fly Fingers

My phone muted Is no computer It’s just a ruler A call-calculator Counting my dials Recording the miles My finger pecks Have or haven’t pressed yet My hand’s a jet Flying for digits Thumb and pinky: wings My wrist’s the engine There’s no propellers Or landing gear Repeat the cycle Repeat the cycle Lunch receipt … Continue reading

Elegy for Penny

Can we just pretend Good dogs go to heaven Or their heaven where heaven Is a dog park with pet cocktails Which taste like peanut butter juice? She’s in a place where chocolate Isn’t a poison that will annihilate Her insides, (we should’ve marketed Diaper-Bottoms when we had the chance) Sometimes I write things that … Continue reading


Pink bubble gum ballooned away from Mike’s mouth. He watched it fill while imagining it was a crystal ball. There were no images to see and nothing that would give him an idea of what his future told. Without blinking he continued to look as it grew. Recognizing that it was near explosion, he squeezed … Continue reading

The Undressing Room

There is no escaping The aroma that blankets the face Clothing is the only mask One’s body can cling to Women prepare to perform With an immobile partner Motionless as the sun that rests On the opposite side of the globe A name is announced; the speakers go Breathless until repetitive audio arrangements Burp away … Continue reading


I whispered a silent wish then blew out the candles, There were nearly too many to count, One was missing; Shadowed souls ascended From the deadened remains of wax arson, While chubby, yellow-winged mammals clapped Just outside of the window; They didn’t sing, speak or interrupt They were just – there – Projections, Holograms, Angels? … Continue reading


“You’re not done til’ you die,” Abraham said to himself. His eyes focused on themselves in the mirror. Sudden movements destroyed the stillness of the moment. He was trying to outpace the reaction of his reflection. Having failed, he joined the other chairs around the kitchen table. His notebook landed in front of him atop … Continue reading

Martian Music

Honey coated rays sting our exposed flesh As we rest underneath the halo Orb that blinds the eyes of the earth; Her enjoyable audio clutter Plays Spanish instruments in my ears English hops her way Neither of us understands what the other has to say We form a smile parade We tune in only to … Continue reading

Shift Characteristics

I’ve got to put absolutely everything into my craft Create my own punch, spike it develop my own buzz What if I had no future, can I rewrite what’s written If I escape this mental prison will my fruits produce wisdom Erasing away the worthless I’m caged in the imperfect drive to be perfect Heavy … Continue reading


Creativity I hung my only cape at the back end of my closet; Since being infected with a virus My unfortunate immune system is about as Active as healthy young children should be; If a brain exists in my cockpit It’s got a starter button that needs a finger To lunge forward in one prolonged … Continue reading