Flash Fiction (something I’ll build on)

Prologue             “What are you afraid of?”             This is the type of question Olivia asks when she’s bored.  Right now, as we sit here, in the very front row of the movie theatre, watching the latest horror flick, she’s bored, even as she transports popcorn from bag to mouth.  Bored enough to laugh each … Continue reading

The Mighty Adventures of Red Bull Man

            The cat cried from the tree, three branch-stories high, meowing down to the little girl.  “Kitty,” the little girl said, waving her arms.  “Kitty,” she persisted, now at the top of her little lungs, high-pitched and all.             Suddenly the wind changed direction, blowing leaves toward the west and threatening … Continue reading

My Personal BrainyQuote

Writing is creating life inside life.  Like the world is pregnant.  As an author, everything you see you keep, you eat, what you hear you record, because the child inside that begs to be released onto a page requires substance to live.  Writers write to live.  And that has nothing to do with anything other … Continue reading

This Happened Yesterday

            We parked.  As soon as we got out of the car, humidity drowned us.  Outside the parking garage sat an on-duty security officer.  He didn’t have a gun.  I checked.  Nothing more lethal hung from his belt than a thick flashlight.             It took my date and I longer … Continue reading

Attempt at making you all hungry

The corner bakery stores the scent of fresh bread inside your shirt when you leave. Cotton fabric breathes bread breath. Silk and satin huff the aroma of yeast up and into your nose.  Warmed sugar lives inside wool.  And your hunger never stops.  Saliva reproduces so thickly that thirst is conquered. At the corner bakery, … Continue reading

attempt at a commencement speech

(Since it is the time of year for commencement speeches, I’ve decided to write my own for a university that does not exist, at least not anywhere else but in these words – p.s. I hope this isn’t lame – I ended up talking a lot about an oak podium)  First off, I’d like to thank Imaginary University for … Continue reading

attempt at a comedic drama scene

            And Boy said hello to the man who’d opened the door slowly, it being two in the morning and all, and stared seemingly through Boy who wore two different hued shoes, boxer shorts and a baseball cap.             And you are? asked the homeowner.             Boy, said Boy, And I’ve … Continue reading

attempt at a short action scene

            Garth wrestled his brother to the ground and pounced.  With the force of his two-hundred-pound frame he held him down and at the wrists.             Sterling’s legs wailed off of the ground as he tried unsuccessfully to free himself.  There was no evidence in the sky to suggest one of … Continue reading

How We Camp in 2013

The most efficient way to camp is inside your own home.  Dim the lights a little, or, for a more “authentic” experience, just light a few candles.  Imagine they’re fireflies, or stars even.  And if you can reach your roof, be it by chair or height advantage, stick gold stars up there and shape them … Continue reading

Something I Learned

Just because one’s eyelids are shut, doesn’t mean their mind is too.  If you close your eyes long enough, your vision will be restored.  Keep dreaming.

Dream Machine

Just yesterday I asked myself, “What would it be like to cheat your dreams?”  You know, instead of having dreams develop in my own subconscious, maybe it’d be more fun if I could occupy space in someone else’s.  Yours maybe. So I’ve been wondering, how does one know the dreams they’re experiencing are theirs?  But … Continue reading


            I was wrong.  Admittedly, even while I typed the words to my last essay, “Clocks are the only Time Machines,” I considered that one day I may think differently.  I couldn’t help but wonder if I would eventually encounter another time traveling device.  I just didn’t realize that it was … Continue reading


No one’s really watching The clock hand moves mutely Cameras are stationed inside miniature crystal balls with black glass hiding the interior I pretend they don’t exist These are UFOs and I am the government This building alone brings about the realization that there are more books than people alive in the world In here, … Continue reading


a dangling carrot choked from the rope at its torso swings sideways like baseball bats just beyond my reach; arms outstretched strain muscles in my face i’m so tense i could pop hot air fumes from my lips even my spit is warmth


There was a thought there, at the very edge of my mind that clawed at my subconscious. You’re not supposed to be here, it kept saying. I shooed the voice away and braved the stage: an auditorium filled with hundreds of people, the curtain I bloom from and the microphone standing in the center of … Continue reading


Damn I can’t start a poem with a curse Damn no one will read this and think This is poetry! Damn I mean words are alive and living Things grow and morph Damn some of us are thumbing through The past like this is life, no, That was life, now has never arrived Sooner, don’t … Continue reading

Errorless: The Art of Fielding by Chad Harbach

The Art of Fielding is a continuously rewarding novel that never relents.  Chad Harbach just lets the story be the hero and because of this I couldn’t stop reading until there were no more pages left to turn.  Even after 500+ pages I still wanted more. Very early in my reading experience, I realized this … Continue reading