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The Undressing Room

There is no escaping The aroma that blankets the face Clothing is the only mask One’s body can cling to Women prepare to perform With an immobile partner Motionless as the sun that rests On the opposite side of the globe A name is announced; the speakers go Breathless until repetitive audio arrangements Burp away … Continue reading


We do not speak / Exchange pleasantries I ignore the building noise Focusing on the beep; Beep Her hands guide my groceries Across a sensor / this causes the monitor to blink After every beep She sweeps my goods then into plastic Bags become barriers There is no escape I pick them up from handles … Continue reading


“Why do we accept being ruled at work, but expect to have a voice in government?” – Eric McCarty That could get me fired Voicing thoughts like that could get me fired I’m not irreplaceable; I’m no engineer I’m no firefighter – I’m not flame retardant But there’s a sense of survival instinct Awakened by … Continue reading

Reasons: II

Idea glutton (of-) disorganized joy Fiddling (with-), fumbling through clutter Mopped out along carpet Like a playful child’s toy arrangement Following removal from (a) holding bin(s) I’m my own neurologist This channel I’m on is empty of (fellow-) viewers Forever submerged in {{static}} Silence is an illusion; the chatter I hear is endless                I can … Continue reading

Reasons: I

Sometimes intellectual dandruff shakes          away             From my Memory                    Showering                                            down                                                        from my thought-roof My comb is a chisel That nibbles against flesh Teeth gnawing off debris Feeding the air with Leaping crumbs I gaze around the brown round table of minds And retrench myself in reality; They don’t know I just left the room; … Continue reading


Blooming high beams undress the darkness of highway 55 Then disblanket the posture of a mature doe Who is as still as if breath were unnecessary At these speeds friction screams For the death of bugs sucked into the vortex of suction/ This is the deep nothingness of lower Mississippi At an hour considered both … Continue reading


I’m only another possible corpse Spirits whisper this into my sound cave No one is comfortable Here except the near Deceased – the refrigerator room Preserves the pain Sky blue paint coats each wall with The hue of despair Silence probes me into a muted trance Monitors are moons – they are The only eyes … Continue reading

technology detox

{One day we may all vomit from anxiety {Spewing goo until only soft dew protrudes from the lips {Painting unfortunate hues on the tips of shoes {Periodic spasms jolt the bodies of deprived addicts Wealth secures the luxury of machinery DVDs sell on black markets like vials of heroin Desperate exploration hastens the birth of … Continue reading

Chasing Infinity

That feeling of floating in zero-gravity A lazy swim in oxygenic space What a weightless delight           I want to eat this moment           I’d even vacuum away the crumbs [seconds]                     Imagine an arrow suspended in flight                     It moves not forward, but rotates                     Twirling like the digits on a combination lock                     Hovering by God’s invisible string           That … Continue reading

The Word Thief

I hold a hollow head Like the suction cup of anti-gravity; Dumbified I wish I could take your words and run away with them Effectively make them mine Rearrange your memory Feed them to you and watch your world shake like a snow globe It’s only right I’m only being polite – Eric McCarty (1/19/2012)

The Travel Goddess

I lick her wide lips And allow her body to fold                I aid her with a bit of pressure My hands squeeze her tightly Massaging from one tip Then across In one continuous glide to the other She is folded. She is closed.       –       Inside her is a message Still wet with haste … Continue reading