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Last Words

“Well alright.”           “Talk to you later.” “Speak to you soon.”           “You be good now.” “I will, have a good night.”           “You do the same.” “Will do.”           “Bye now.” “Alright then.”           “Yuh.” “Yep.”           “Uh-huh.” “Mmm-hmmm.”           “Yeh-huh.” “Bye.”           “Bye-bye now.” “Be good.”           “Ok.” “Ok then.”           “….”           “Bye-” (click) “You still there?” “Alright then.” (click) – Eric McCarty … Continue reading

That new movie

That new movie I told you about You had no emotion when I asked if you want to see it I asked you when we walked by a poster of it When we went to see the last movie we saw What made you want to see it Someone watched it Yeah we can see … Continue reading