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Francine sat outside the entire night.  Unpleasant as the cool darkness was, she never moved.  Finally, her owner strolled her way as the sun peeked over the horizon.  He opened one of her arms and let himself in.  A small metal shaft penetrated her then rolled toward the right.  She didn’t awaken today like she … Continue reading

Lunch and Love Poems

I’m in your arms, I typed this while watching the digits on my computer clock walk backward. Don’t let go of your hold Just allow me to fall asleep slow When my head wobbles I’m nodding-off I’ll fight this slumber until I mimic the dead Blood travels toward my head increasing the weight I’m dreaming … Continue reading

Trying to get a Pilot

         “Ladies and gentlemen, the ten of you have been chosen to present your script to Mr. Cartwright. You were chosen for one reason or another. It’s likely that your script sucks and you just happen to know somebody that knows somebody. One or two of you may actually have good work in your hands. We’ve … Continue reading

Gold Teeth

     I expected to see ravens or crows congregating around disturbed skeletons. But no one was here; even the birds respected the “No Trespassing” sign on the gates. The moon was to be my only candle tonight. My flashlight refused to come to life on my travel. I had cursed the batteries and launched the flashlight … Continue reading


          He didn’t sleep long. The night was brisk. When he exited the natural world it was dark. Likewise, he awoke to a dormant sky. Only the moon was alive. He exhaled something like the blowhole of a whale. An exhaust of spittle and grotesque breathe were thrown from his tube. Lin was still in the … Continue reading

I Could’ve

      “It’s open”       Bob swung his torso through the door, legs lagging a split second behind. He paused – stared at me, shook his head, and walked over to the pool table.       “Play-ya.”       He said this with a competitive grin. I could’ve said no. I could’ve just finished writing the algorithm for … Continue reading

A Proper Burial

      “Checkmate”       Leo tossed his slain king in disgust. In doing so he startled his opponent – not because of the act, but more so because of the distance and accuracy.       Leo said nothing. He eased his chair backward and elevated. He gently placed a rugged bill atop the chess board, grabbed his … Continue reading


“Hmmmm…,” He rambled on to no one in particular. There wasn’t much to be said on the matter. He didn’t notice her ring at first. This is what caused the confusion. He eased himself into a not all too comfortable position closer to the gentleman seated next to him. He was planted right next to … Continue reading

Did I mention I’ve packed your bags?

May I interject? Why Yes. Where is the peace I was promised? Ummm it’s… This is not what I expected or planned for or was told it would be. You – why you bamboozled me. I’m not quite sure what you mean. Think it through. Hell I’ll even think with you. Well. I have tried … Continue reading

Music Addiction

“Alright everyone. Find a seat that suits you. I want everyone to be comfortable. This is a safe place. Walt..Walt? That means you too.” Picking a seat is like picking my nose. I’ve only got a couple choices, doesn’t make much difference either way. “Thank you Walt. This is a safe environment everyone.” She’s speaking … Continue reading