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The Undressing Room

There is no escaping The aroma that blankets the face Clothing is the only mask One’s body can cling to Women prepare to perform With an immobile partner Motionless as the sun that rests On the opposite side of the globe A name is announced; the speakers go Breathless until repetitive audio arrangements Burp away … Continue reading

Reasons: I

Sometimes intellectual dandruff shakes          away             From my Memory                    Showering                                            down                                                        from my thought-roof My comb is a chisel That nibbles against flesh Teeth gnawing off debris Feeding the air with Leaping crumbs I gaze around the brown round table of minds And retrench myself in reality; They don’t know I just left the room; … Continue reading


Blooming high beams undress the darkness of highway 55 Then disblanket the posture of a mature doe Who is as still as if breath were unnecessary At these speeds friction screams For the death of bugs sucked into the vortex of suction/ This is the deep nothingness of lower Mississippi At an hour considered both … Continue reading


Creativity I hung my only cape at the back end of my closet; Since being infected with a virus My unfortunate immune system is about as Active as healthy young children should be; If a brain exists in my cockpit It’s got a starter button that needs a finger To lunge forward in one prolonged … Continue reading

Sex Games

My chess piece drowns his loss in pizza sauce That plastic cup that stares at the ceiling Labeled marinara – it cradles my king He’s too big for this pool, hmmm I say this As he bathes his hard head in the bucket He’s ruled over many-a-victory Like most kings he won’t slaaay the enemy … Continue reading

Trying to get a Pilot

         “Ladies and gentlemen, the ten of you have been chosen to present your script to Mr. Cartwright. You were chosen for one reason or another. It’s likely that your script sucks and you just happen to know somebody that knows somebody. One or two of you may actually have good work in your hands. We’ve … Continue reading

Deer aim,

I’m alert *ping! – pyune!* Sorry. Trust me, it’s been a while I can’t count the days I can’t count the years That’s it’s taken me to forget The fear that my mind Would never reappear here I’ve had my eyes clogged with frost in the forest While aiming amongst the deep brush at deer … Continue reading

Natural Light

I squint in defiance Shielding my precious sight The laughter of indirect pain           Speaks to me In the voice of a small oceanic sunflower Blooming into the brightness that is death           A widening tunnel of visible heat Ducks duck beneath to cool their black beaks Seagulls squeak – an obnoxious belch Solitude resides here; hidden … Continue reading

street lights

Life is a turquoise moon of half-empty light Looking up I close one eye in attempt to magnify – Up where there is no air what’s it like? “Whoa! Speed bump!” I shouldn’t look up when I drive – I’d just rather admire God’s sky than street lights – Eric McCarty (11/29/2011)