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Hard at Work

     As I occupy this rolling chair of slight discomfort, my thoughts venture far far away from my work-related tasks. It’s a way to exit the cubical I’m contained in. This is what keeps me sane, I would tell a psychologist. Not that I need one, or not that I’d admit to needing one. Hell, we … Continue reading


     Ah! He’s home! I can’t catch my balance. My tail flings me toward one direction and back toward the other. That thing has a mind of its own.      Pet me, pet me. Let me out, no leash, let’s go exploring.      Wait, you’re shutting the door? Maybe he doesn’t see me. Ambush his legs, charge! That-a … Continue reading

Work Tea

“How’s your face/nose baby?” “Ok but coughing a lot baby frog lodged in my throat” I never thought about how much of a luxury hot water is until I realized I may have to brew my tea at home and thus wait for water to bubble. I then (then being now) realized that I’m spoiled … Continue reading

Did I mention I’ve packed your bags?

May I interject? Why Yes. Where is the peace I was promised? Ummm it’s… This is not what I expected or planned for or was told it would be. You – why you bamboozled me. I’m not quite sure what you mean. Think it through. Hell I’ll even think with you. Well. I have tried … Continue reading


Anytime I want to stop I’m not Allowed to I’ve got An inner clock That makes me tick – Eric McCarty (12/8/2011)


I don’t mind minding my own business Not thinking of me ampersand another When I’m cold my right hand covers what’s left of its brother Skin cover My palms are mittens I need to lather my lips in lip balm But I don’t I like the taste of dead skin It reminds me of dehydration … Continue reading

Reliving lousy yesterdays

If it weren’t for sports radio I don’t know how I’d get through the day Weekdays so long and so strongly strange I don’t know how I maintain I only listen for two hours a day But that’s enough I need it especially It’s not about the topic It’s the connection the announcer has with … Continue reading

orange flood

Can we all just get along without getting along Who needs an us when an I is enough One little letter I can make “I” into two syllabus if eye-ah want And you can too Where else could our minds melt into one But inside a poem where poetry scrolls roll from one end to … Continue reading

July 13, 2011

Surgery changed my life People don’t realize that I just went through a traumatic experience in July and August – still recovering in September when I had to get back to work and go to school I guess it’s easy to fool people when they can’t see your injuries I wear pants so they can’t … Continue reading