attempt at a short action scene

            Garth wrestled his brother to the ground and pounced.  With the force of his two-hundred-pound frame he held him down and at the wrists.

            Sterling’s legs wailed off of the ground as he tried unsuccessfully to free himself.  There was no evidence in the sky to suggest one of them would severely wound the other in the coming moments.  Nothing in the peppery-blue sky, pock-a-dotted with periodic clouds, sometimes forming into a shape recognizable to the human eye.

            “Look,” Sterling coughed.  “I’ll give it.  I’ll give it.  Just let me loose.”  His lungs hurt for oxygen as his brother’s elbow cut into his neck.

            “Why are you such a wimp?  It feels good to pass out.  Wanna see?”

            Silent Sterling wailed his legs no more.  When he stopped moving altogether Garth paused to check his heartbeat.  He laid head on chest for no more than a full second before his brother’s attack sparked.

            Sterling screamed Garth into a momentary deafness and clubbed him in the temple.  Stunned, Garth rolled off and onto his back, staring dead into the sky with his brown eyes now reflecting blue.  A large cloud hummed across with a quickness unmatched by any other.  As it did, the white, reflected, transformed his pupils and eyes into the same milky hue.

            Heaving for oxygen, Sterling stared at his dying brother, watching his body transition into a lazy corpse.  “I could kill you,” he said with a smirk.  And he slipped a stack of cash from each pocket, both wrapped in a rubber band housing only hundreds.  He dropped one onto Garth’s cooling belly and added, “Fine, here’s yours,” then turned and walked away.

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