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Last Words

“Well alright.”           “Talk to you later.” “Speak to you soon.”           “You be good now.” “I will, have a good night.”           “You do the same.” “Will do.”           “Bye now.” “Alright then.”           “Yuh.” “Yep.”           “Uh-huh.” “Mmm-hmmm.”           “Yeh-huh.” “Bye.”           “Bye-bye now.” “Be good.”           “Ok.” “Ok then.”           “….”           “Bye-” (click) “You still there?” “Alright then.” (click) – Eric McCarty … Continue reading

Smiling Thoughts

I decided to participate in a poetry challenge created by ClownRyhmes. I thought this was a cool idea on his part. Here’s The Poetry Challenge if anyone wants to participate. My entry is below. Smiling Thoughts Who knew lips have brains Typically they are about the size of a Chocolate chip cookie crumb This brain … Continue reading