Smiling Thoughts

I decided to participate in a poetry challenge created by ClownRyhmes. I thought this was a cool idea on his part. Here’s The Poetry Challenge if anyone wants to participate.

My entry is below.

Smiling Thoughts

Who knew lips have brains
Typically they are about the size of a
Chocolate chip cookie crumb
This brain gives them the ability to speak on their own;
Some lips use restraint but others
Speak without the owner’s mind being involved
        You know, the really thoughtful one

This causes side effects such as:
-reckless blabbering
-speaking out of turn
-voicing the subconscious

Which could lead to:
-inciting anger in others
-not contributing to a conversation
-unsuccessfully conveying opinions
-revealing private beliefs and desires

Of course there’s a new plastic surgeon
To prevent all of this
His name is…

– Eric McCarty (1/24/2012)

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