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Elegy for Penny

Can we just pretend Good dogs go to heaven Or their heaven where heaven Is a dog park with pet cocktails Which taste like peanut butter juice? She’s in a place where chocolate Isn’t a poison that will annihilate Her insides, (we should’ve marketed Diaper-Bottoms when we had the chance) Sometimes I write things that … Continue reading


     Ah! He’s home! I can’t catch my balance. My tail flings me toward one direction and back toward the other. That thing has a mind of its own.      Pet me, pet me. Let me out, no leash, let’s go exploring.      Wait, you’re shutting the door? Maybe he doesn’t see me. Ambush his legs, charge! That-a … Continue reading

You fox you hound you

You fox you hound you Find my skin tasteful Turning me into a lick factory You pounce on my lap Curl into a ball Close your eyes and leave I’m left alert alone with your Heap atop me Don’t you know I’m not comfortable? Who told you I could be such a useful chair? I … Continue reading