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The Gift of Guts: Nas [Untitled] 

I’m finding that it’s easier to review albums I love rather than those that I like. What I recognize about Nas’ [Untitled] is that it’s not just about the music; it’s about the movement. Nas developed an album focused on a degrading racial slur, with the goal of reducing the power it has to create … Continue reading

Person Pitch by Panda Bear

What do you do to this type of music and sound?  You let it allow you to travel. Person Pitch has a serene feel – like being whispered to by a ghost – I feel like I’m on the Aspen Mountains when I listen.  There’s something beautiful and upliftingly haunting about the flow and transitions.  … Continue reading

Music Addiction

“Alright everyone. Find a seat that suits you. I want everyone to be comfortable. This is a safe place. Walt..Walt? That means you too.” Picking a seat is like picking my nose. I’ve only got a couple choices, doesn’t make much difference either way. “Thank you Walt. This is a safe environment everyone.” She’s speaking … Continue reading