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Reasons: I

Sometimes intellectual dandruff shakes          away             From my Memory                    Showering                                            down                                                        from my thought-roof My comb is a chisel That nibbles against flesh Teeth gnawing off debris Feeding the air with Leaping crumbs I gaze around the brown round table of minds And retrench myself in reality; They don’t know I just left the room; … Continue reading

Lunch and Love Poems

I’m in your arms, I typed this while watching the digits on my computer clock walk backward. Don’t let go of your hold Just allow me to fall asleep slow When my head wobbles I’m nodding-off I’ll fight this slumber until I mimic the dead Blood travels toward my head increasing the weight I’m dreaming … Continue reading


Creativity I hung my only cape at the back end of my closet; Since being infected with a virus My unfortunate immune system is about as Active as healthy young children should be; If a brain exists in my cockpit It’s got a starter button that needs a finger To lunge forward in one prolonged … Continue reading


I’m only another possible corpse Spirits whisper this into my sound cave No one is comfortable Here except the near Deceased – the refrigerator room Preserves the pain Sky blue paint coats each wall with The hue of despair Silence probes me into a muted trance Monitors are moons – they are The only eyes … Continue reading

Last Words

“Well alright.”           “Talk to you later.” “Speak to you soon.”           “You be good now.” “I will, have a good night.”           “You do the same.” “Will do.”           “Bye now.” “Alright then.”           “Yuh.” “Yep.”           “Uh-huh.” “Mmm-hmmm.”           “Yeh-huh.” “Bye.”           “Bye-bye now.” “Be good.”           “Ok.” “Ok then.”           “….”           “Bye-” (click) “You still there?” “Alright then.” (click) – Eric McCarty … Continue reading

technology detox

{One day we may all vomit from anxiety {Spewing goo until only soft dew protrudes from the lips {Painting unfortunate hues on the tips of shoes {Periodic spasms jolt the bodies of deprived addicts Wealth secures the luxury of machinery DVDs sell on black markets like vials of heroin Desperate exploration hastens the birth of … Continue reading

Chasing Infinity

That feeling of floating in zero-gravity A lazy swim in oxygenic space What a weightless delight           I want to eat this moment           I’d even vacuum away the crumbs [seconds]                     Imagine an arrow suspended in flight                     It moves not forward, but rotates                     Twirling like the digits on a combination lock                     Hovering by God’s invisible string           That … Continue reading

Smiling Thoughts

I decided to participate in a poetry challenge created by ClownRyhmes. I thought this was a cool idea on his part. Here’s The Poetry Challenge if anyone wants to participate. My entry is below. Smiling Thoughts Who knew lips have brains Typically they are about the size of a Chocolate chip cookie crumb This brain … Continue reading

That new movie

That new movie I told you about You had no emotion when I asked if you want to see it I asked you when we walked by a poster of it When we went to see the last movie we saw What made you want to see it Someone watched it Yeah we can see … Continue reading

always on safety

Marching marching marching Our boots beat the con-crete Marching marching marching Keep this rhythm in our sleep Huh! Corporations attempt to build allied forces Or troops all working toward the same goals But these soldiers compete against each other To decide who will make the most and be recognized Marching marching marching Our boots beat … Continue reading

Deer aim,

I’m alert *ping! – pyune!* Sorry. Trust me, it’s been a while I can’t count the days I can’t count the years That’s it’s taken me to forget The fear that my mind Would never reappear here I’ve had my eyes clogged with frost in the forest While aiming amongst the deep brush at deer … Continue reading

You fox you hound you

You fox you hound you Find my skin tasteful Turning me into a lick factory You pounce on my lap Curl into a ball Close your eyes and leave I’m left alert alone with your Heap atop me Don’t you know I’m not comfortable? Who told you I could be such a useful chair? I … Continue reading


I can camp under the tent of misery until the world calls me to come back The voice must be soulful – I must be low on food, water, and other survival necessities Only then will I break camp, hush my fire, dust it with dirt and pack up This is the sort of romance … Continue reading

Road Wagon

Some of us want to ride on a wagon With tortured beasts trampling earthbound insects Closer to the habitats of Hell We want to bounce when road bubbles Cause wooden wheels to hike We love the suspension of our limbs in air If only to relive the clamp of gravity Our wagon crunches into the … Continue reading

To be a Woman

I look like Frankenstein Only less attractive; Pardon me while I dab away Insecurity with a napkin Man is a pot-bellied pig Squealing in jubilant delight During Life’s piglet fight; I wonder what it must be like – Eric McCarty (1/2/2012)

Just/tell me when

A briefcase of lucrative ideas Is an empty home of hoarded waste Mailbag of unwanted goods; great Where – where to hide these precious files? Not here nor there – but where – Beneath the wooden skis of a rocking chair O paintbrush of black ink Swallow the innocence of the canvas Sway of an … Continue reading

Natural Light

I squint in defiance Shielding my precious sight The laughter of indirect pain           Speaks to me In the voice of a small oceanic sunflower Blooming into the brightness that is death           A widening tunnel of visible heat Ducks duck beneath to cool their black beaks Seagulls squeak – an obnoxious belch Solitude resides here; hidden … Continue reading

street lights

Life is a turquoise moon of half-empty light Looking up I close one eye in attempt to magnify – Up where there is no air what’s it like? “Whoa! Speed bump!” I shouldn’t look up when I drive – I’d just rather admire God’s sky than street lights – Eric McCarty (11/29/2011)