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The Gift of Guts: Nas [Untitled] 

I’m finding that it’s easier to review albums I love rather than those that I like. What I recognize about Nas’ [Untitled] is that it’s not just about the music; it’s about the movement. Nas developed an album focused on a degrading racial slur, with the goal of reducing the power it has to create … Continue reading

Person Pitch by Panda Bear

What do you do to this type of music and sound?  You let it allow you to travel. Person Pitch has a serene feel – like being whispered to by a ghost – I feel like I’m on the Aspen Mountains when I listen.  There’s something beautiful and upliftingly haunting about the flow and transitions.  … Continue reading

I just came across this on YouTube. Sundress (from Denton, TX) was gracious enough to let me perform with them in May 2011. The whole band was cool, lead singer Ryan has great ideas and performance wisdom. That was a fun night. Here’s another video of the band’s: