Shift Characteristics

I’ve got to put absolutely everything into my craft
Create my own punch, spike it develop my own buzz
What if I had no future, can I rewrite what’s written
If I escape this mental prison will my fruits produce wisdom
Erasing away the worthless
I’m caged in the imperfect drive to be perfect
Heavy burdens drown my happiness
I surface in desperation oxygen is my haven
I stare at strangers who occupy my eyes
When their look is grim I make my pupils modify
My brain has been bed ridden with mental weakness
Physically speaking I could walk off all this stress
I created a thought box that has risen to full volume
I hide behind a blank face, flesh is a costume
Sometimes I enter a building and shift characteristics
Insert a confidence chip and I feel at home again
Caps Lock over dreadlocks and doo rags
No escape for head madness hazardous to our health
A massive mass of bodies bracket me
One drink holds my hand bartender holds my tab
Men search for the women with the largest backspace
Or rear end shaped into a question mark
Plus if the face is art, X marks the spot
Tonight she’s breaking some hearts

– Eric McCarty (June 2011)

Friday’s Poem: Steak Dinner (3/23/2012)

2 thoughts on “Shift Characteristics

  1. Whoa! Eric, “Men search for women with the largest backspace” is a killer line. Original.. Keep stretching… I like this very much.

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