Elegy for Penny

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Can we just pretend
Good dogs go to heaven
Or their heaven where heaven
Is a dog park with pet cocktails
Which taste like peanut butter juice?

She’s in a place where chocolate
Isn’t a poison that will annihilate
Her insides, (we should’ve marketed
Diaper-Bottoms when we had the chance)
Sometimes I write things that
Only 5 people can understand
Sometimes I read to animals
Sometimes I act like they comprehend
Everything that I say
And some days they suck
My mind right out of the deep loneliness

Is that what pets are here for?
Isn’t that everything?
Isn’t everything enough?

Can we just pretend
She’s still barking at movement,
Growling when nudged
And squatting every few steps
To urinate a few more trickles?

I’m told dogs exit through
Plastic escape gates

And that love is a good enough gift
To get them through

Maybe it’s good enough for us too

– Eric McCarty (4/11/2012)

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