I hung my only cape at the back end of my closet;
Since being infected with a virus
My unfortunate immune system is about as
Active as healthy young children should be;
If a brain exists in my cockpit
It’s got a starter button that needs a finger
To lunge forward in one prolonged stretch

These legs feel like bruise capsules
I imagine I’m painless but look
Down and they’re still attached
Somehow I’m unthankful for that

There’s a strange bug traveling
The length of my carpet like a quiet
Unobtrusive baby vacuum gobbling up distance
He’s going to be cleaning a while
For his sake, I want to put him out of his misery
Except these deep pockets carrying me on cushions
Hold me hostage

– Eric McCarty (2/26/2012)

3 thoughts on “Creativity

  1. Becoming herself. If you like Creativity, I encourage you to listen to “Her Chilly Fragrance” I think it is Eric’s best so-far.

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