I whispered a silent wish then blew out the candles,
There were nearly too many to count,
One was missing;

Shadowed souls ascended
From the deadened remains of wax arson,
While chubby, yellow-winged mammals clapped
Just outside of the window;
They didn’t sing, speak or interrupt
They were just – there –

Birds can hear the wind speak;
          Did they hear me?
Beaks slug cavities into clouds
And I’m tired of my own voice

They soared away to pilot the skies:
Only controlled by the heavy handcuff of gravity

They only allowed me to touch them
With my eyes that day
Which is more than I can say.
Which is more than I can say.

– Eric McCarty (3/22/2012) / (4/2/2012)

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5 thoughts on “Kites

  1. Well, Wayne already ‘said’ it…but I will ‘say’ the same again and differently, what an exquisite line:

    ‘Birds can hear the wind speak’

    And the last stanza…I just read it over and over…so true…so true…’what more can I say’ ?

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  3. I’ve been working on editing this poem. For the time being I’ve gotten to where I wanted to get. Hopefully that feeling grows for me. I’ve also decided to lend my voice to it. A different version was first posted on March 22.

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