Blooming high beams undress the darkness of highway 55
Then disblanket the posture of a mature doe
Who is as still as if breath were unnecessary

At these speeds friction screams
For the death of bugs sucked into the vortex of suction/
This is the deep nothingness of lower Mississippi
At an hour considered both night and morning

Doe’s eyes are as blank as printed paper
Hatched from a vacant ink cartridge/
Our joint stare disrupts the world’s natural rhythm
All between the length of one blink:
[large mammal, deer, female deer,
Not charging, standing, planted on
Hidden earth 10 yards from road,
10 yards from dense forest, she’s more
Terrified than I am]

The song of rubber
Humping a cement surface
Returns                    returns
I survived a missile
That merely misfired

– Eric McCarty (3/6/2012)

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