History is a poor man’s nicotine; inhale the past

Death is the only excuse for an absence
I open the plastic escape gate
Finger the box and pack it

[[This particular set is no ordinary
Huddle of cigarettes
It’s a “Black Leaders’
Limited Edition”
The man behind the counter
Described it this way, “You want
Black history widdout readin’ a book,
Just ignite a Nelson Mandela,
Puff on Malcolm X, Langston Hughes,
Or try our recent addition,” (mind you
He read all this off of the carton),
“Oprah Winfrey. I like the Al Shawpten’s
Myself,” this he told me off the record.]]

I clip the filter – care for a smoke?

– Eric McCarty (2/17/2012)

3 thoughts on “History is a poor man’s nicotine; inhale the past

  1. Scientists say cigarettes’ most addictive component — nicotine — may also lead to degeneration in a region of the brain that affects emotional control, sexual arousal, REM sleep and seizures. The findings, reported in a new study, could help doctors pinpoint the part of the brain that gives some people increased susceptibility to chronic smoking or drug addiction, researchers said. “Nicotine causes the most selective degeneration in the brain that I have ever seen,” said the study’s lead author, neuroscientist Gaylord Ellison.:

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