Sex Games

My chess piece drowns his loss in pizza sauce
That plastic cup that stares at the ceiling
Labeled marinara – it cradles my king
He’s too big for this pool, hmmm I say this
As he bathes his hard head in the bucket
He’s ruled over many-a-victory
Like most kings he won’t slaaay the enemy
His obedient infantry guards him
He even sends his wife into battle
What a man, oh! what courage, oh! what balls
That’s one sexist game I refuse to play
Women; I feel bad moving their gender
Around; controlling, tilting her hori-
Zontally until she plummets downward
Then bangs the chessboard – the pleasure of pain
Just like a tall building stroking the earth

– Eric McCarty (2/15/2012)

5 thoughts on “Sex Games

  1. Thank you both.

    I put a lot into this poem, It is really satisfying to see others actively participate in the reading experience.

    And Scott you’re right the queen is so powerful. I’m partially useless without her!

  2. As a chess player, I think this poem is awesome and metaphorically it is off the charts. I enjoyed it very much.

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