technology detox

{One day we may all vomit from anxiety
{Spewing goo until only soft dew protrudes from the lips
{Painting unfortunate hues on the tips of shoes
{Periodic spasms jolt the bodies of deprived addicts
Wealth secures the luxury of machinery
DVDs sell on black markets like vials of heroin
Desperate exploration hastens the birth of
Buried CDs and iPods that call trash heaps home
(Patients must commit to relearning the language of life
(Stage one of recovery is mastering focus
(Jailing distracting impulses: [Eyes] up is the new down
(The newest form of entertainment is conversation
People are social again; imagine:
A human being as your best friend.

– Eric McCarty (2/6/2012)

2 thoughts on “technology detox

  1. It seems like a prediction that at some future date, mankind will have an epiphany, and realize that we depend too much on technology. In a grand effort to change our mechatronic world, we rediscovered our humanity, and relearn to cherish and respect all life.

  2. I love the part about “up is the new down”. Sadly , I can see what’s happened to eye-to-eye whole sentence conversation.OMG… LOL

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