Chasing Infinity

That feeling of floating in zero-gravity
A lazy swim in oxygenic space
What a weightless delight
          I want to eat this moment
          I’d even vacuum away the crumbs [seconds]
                    Imagine an arrow suspended in flight
                    It moves not forward, but rotates
                    Twirling like the digits on a combination lock
                    Hovering by God’s invisible string
          That is zero-g!
          I want to be the cloud left behind the tribe
          Brewing new juices of joy;
Manufactured leaves leach away love
We recycle ourselves – chasing the ferry-tail

– Eric McCarty (2/3/2012)

3 thoughts on “Chasing Infinity

  1. ‘I want to eat this moment’ and vacuuming the crumbs away – very vivid. I like the end too – ‘we recycle ourselves’. This was great :)

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