He didn’t sleep long. The night was brisk. When he exited the natural world it was dark. Likewise, he awoke to a dormant sky. Only the moon was alive. He exhaled something like the blowhole of a whale. An exhaust of spittle and grotesque breathe were thrown from his tube. Lin was still in the discovery stage of premature awakeness. He opened the sheets that become his envelope throughout his dream journey. Cold air attacked his exposed skin. He left footprints that immediately disappeared as he walked toward the bathroom door. His body was rejuvenated with the heat from the shower. He cleansed himself of toxins on his exterior and baked to an uncomfortable warmth before finally cooling the temperature.

– Eric McCarty (1/15/2012)

4 thoughts on “Morning.

  1. This is wonderful. It has been a long time since I read someone so talented.
    Eric Alagan
    P/s Where is the Follow Button – I want to follow your blog. Anyway, I have book marked it.

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