To be a Woman

I look like Frankenstein
Only less attractive;
Pardon me while I dab away
Insecurity with a napkin

Man is a pot-bellied pig
Squealing in jubilant delight
During Life’s piglet fight;
I wonder what it must be like

– Eric McCarty (1/2/2012)

2 thoughts on “To be a Woman

  1. I enjoyed this one, the only bit I wondered about was piglet fight…. think “boar fight” might work better. Nice work I love the image of dabbing away insecurity with a napkin!

  2. Thank you Michael,

    I do like your idea of “boar fight” and the underlying interpretations one can take from that.

    However, the reason I prefer (after thinking this through a bit) “pig-let fight” is the reoccurring assonance of “L’s” – i.e. bellied, squealing, jubilant, delight, and that coupled with the minor alliteration of Life’s and like.

    It is fun though to contrast the difference between these two words.

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