Just/tell me when

A briefcase of lucrative ideas
Is an empty home of hoarded waste
Mailbag of unwanted goods; great

Where – where to hide these precious files?
Not here nor there – but where –
Beneath the wooden skis of a rocking chair

O paintbrush of black ink
Swallow the innocence of the canvas
Sway of an eel needling swift as the
Fine footprints of an elk

The foundation is built for you kind sirs
Who wish for my tools to be yours
And the women who want my pen in them
Just/tell me when

– Eric McCarty (1/1/2012)

2 thoughts on “Just/tell me when

  1. I liked the paintbrush of black ink swallowing the innocence of the canvas, and very much liked the last 2 lines of the poem – excellent.


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