Kreativ Blogger Award

I have been fortunate enough to be honored with the Kreativ Blogger Award by the talented PhotoLancaster – – It’s fun to know awards/nominations such as this exist. It’s just interesting to know this can link bloggers together in a different way. I have the daunting privilege of awarding this to 6 others. I’ve only been blogging for almost 2 months and want to honor those whose work I already admire.

The following 6 bloggers are one’s whose work I continuously check in on, find inspiration from, and am captivated by:

Robotic Rhetoric – –
Becoming Herself – –
Thérèse Michelle – –
Beneath Snow, Leaf, and Soil – –
Love Thy Bike – –
David Francis Barker Painter and Poet – –

So the infamous ten things about me that is pretty unknown to the public:

I) I’m working on being a better listener. To do so, the first habit I’m trying to develop is shutting up. I have a tendency to say random thoughts during conversation that aren’t necessarily important or pertinent to the topic. I think quite a bit when trying to listen (sometimes I do sadly have to focus and give effort yes) so I’m trying to shut those thoughts up too, just more so than usual.

II) Last year I was diagnosed with the slightly annoying REM Sleep Disorder. I wrote a poem entitled “Unconscious Betrayal” that touches on my night experience and probably have a bunch more that I have buried somewhere.

III) I have a makeshift “studio” in my closet. I go in there to hibernate and sometimes put together a few tunes. I create beats and produce a bit of hip-hop in my lacking free time. I will have to put a few tracks up in the coming months.

IV) I have never left the country, so I find it fascinating to check into the minds of bloggers across the globe. Traveling is one hobby I want to pursue so much more in the future.

V) I’ve been writing stories since I was 8? The first story of record that my parents have kept a copy of to this day was called “Fishy the Fish.” When I read it, I still recognize myself in it. I’ve changed a lot since then, but I still have a similar off type of creativity and imagination. After this I started constantly writing lyrics mainly, but also poetry at age 11 or 12. I knew in college my passion was a bit obsessive when I wrote poems and lyrics instead of notes in my business courses.

VI) I don’t drink beer.

VII) I play chess against the computer on my phone A LOT. But I find it strangely therapeutic.

VIII) I prefer to read a book the old fashion way. I like to fondle the pages when I turn them and feel its weight. I feel I’m in front of a screen too often as is, so books to me are a great escape from technology + I read faster that way.

IX) My favorite current T.V. shows are The Walking Dead, Misfits, Justified, Work of Art, and Game of Thrones.

X) One of my flaws is I’m not a tidy person.

Thanks again to Malcolm.

I’ll end this post with a random quote I came up with this morning:

“I decorate my face with angelic saliva”

– Eric McCarty (12/27/2011)

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