Unconscious Betrayal

Acts I perform in my sleep
I would never perform in my wake –
Make no mistake

Be me for a moment
Your unconscious betrays you each night
Your dreams feel more real than reality
You’re never rested
“Energy” is a noun of nonexistence
“Awake” is no longer a state of being
“Alert” is reduced to simply “aware”

Worst of all is the
Thrashing –
Speech –
Jolting –
Punching –
Ignorant violence
The victim: Your bed-mate who lays dormant

But you – you are cursed with excessive brain activity
There is never a pause

The body is programmed to be paralyzed during sleep
But not yours

And not mine.

– Eric McCarty (12/14/2011)

2 thoughts on “Unconscious Betrayal

  1. Thought provoking stuff, what happens to us asleep? It’s still us, yet we have no control, “your unconscious betrays you every night”, so true, how many of us would really share what happens in there when our eyes are closed?

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