arrows of untruth

Blind mirrors
This is their self absorbed self-portrait
Blossoming inside of an ego orgy
Almost inhuman
Consumed with greed
Drowning comrades with continuous lies of treachery
Robotic emotion
A complete loss of care
Sympathy is for the weak
I do whatever it takes for the throne to be within my reach
It is mine – rightfully so
Whomever is sheep
Will never have one conversation with me
Deceit is a gift
Its slippery swift whisper lifts from my lips
Tickling the ear
Musical whiskers these tales must be
Woven sweet threads of intellectual text
I’m a trained archer
Shooting arrows of untruth

Bravery is one strong stare into their eyes
Only if them you can see
See them – not your reflection

– Eric McCarty (12/12/2011)

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