The Gift of Guts: Nas [Untitled] 

I’m finding that it’s easier to review albums I love rather than those that I like. What I recognize about Nas’ [Untitled] is that it’s not just about the music; it’s about the movement. Nas developed an album focused on a degrading racial slur, with the goal of reducing the power it has to create pain and a sense of inferiority. Nas was willing to sacrifice album sells and money to make a difference. This is why he has The Gift of Guts .

“Assassinations – diplomatic relations/
Killed indigenous people built a new nation//
Involuntary labor – took a knife split a woman navel/
Took her premature baby let her man see you rape her//
If I could travel to the seventeen hundreds/
I’d push a wheel barrel full of dynamite through your covenant//
Love to sit on the senate and tell the whole government/
Ya’ll don’t treat women fair//
She reading ‘bout herself in the Bible/
Believing she the reason sin is here//
You played her – with a apron like/
‘bring me my dinner dear’ – she the n***** here”

(Nas /Verse III / “America”)

The problem is certain songs such as “We Make the World go Round” and “Testify” don’t belong on the same planet as songs like “Sly Fox” “N.I.*.*.*.*” “[Untitled]” “Project Roach” and “Black President.”

Overall, he’s still lyrically fit and motivated. Some artist’s tarnish their career’s with albums they produce on the other half of their prime. Nas has found a way to stay relevant and build on his accomplishments.

– Eric McCarty (12/7/2011)

Nas Feat. The Last Poets “Project Roach”

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