My muscles send the message of pain to my brain
Because I’ve over-exhausted their breaking point
Forcing athletic movements until mechanical failure

My soft shirt is left moist
Sweat cannonballs toward the dirt
Creating miniature mud-oval-pits
I only notice this because I’m bent over with my palms
Clamp to each knee as I observe the liquid free-fall
With each blink another droplet sinks
Deeper into the earth

Good – I’ve caught my breath
My heart pulsates at the rate of vibrate
Still I continue
Because that is what I’m wired to do

– Eric McCarty (6/10/2009)

One thought on “wired

  1. I’ve often wondered what separates the great athlete from the average. It’s more than talent, it is the ones that are Wired.. which to me is Extra Hard Work.

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