Person Pitch by Panda Bear

What do you do to this type of music and sound?  You let it allow you to travel.

Person Pitch has a serene feel – like being whispered to by a ghost – I feel like I’m on the Aspen Mountains when I listen.  There’s something beautiful and upliftingly haunting about the flow and transitions.  Obviously, repetition, hypnosis, and trance all play a major role (but in a positive way).  The lyrics have meaning and passion.  Overall Person Pitch is album is addicting, but not in a hard drug kind of way.  You might not be hooked instantly.  I recognize for some it will just take time to fully appreciate; I couldn’t recommend one song and say “That’s! what the album is or is like.”  It’s a continuous experience.  One song won’t do it justice.  There really is no reason to highlight one or two songs and I see no harm in not distinguishing any (plus there are only 7 to choose from).

This is just one piece of work that works harmoniously with each successive song.  I recommend users try it, go cold turkey, then try it some more.  Enjoy.

– Eric McCarty (12/2/2011)

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