orange flood

Can we all just get along without getting along
Who needs an us when an I is enough
One little letter
I can make “I” into two syllabus if eye-ah want
And you can too
Where else could our minds melt into one
But inside a poem where poetry scrolls roll from one end to another
I need to move but I hate moving so I sit motionless
I’d ask my body to travel with my mind but it always gets left behind
Things could be better this way
When thoughts travel alone there is no definition of space
No reason to act
Even when my face is blank I stack ideas
Like light popcorn I chew
Too much butter drowns my taste buds
Inside of an orange flood

– Eric McCarty (11/30/2011)

4 thoughts on “orange flood

  1. awesome poem! I read that you want to make your way in editing and I think that is amazing, here in France editors don’t make their job and barely read what they’re publishing, so I wish we had more editors that can actually write something and know about poetry.
    Thanks for posting!

  2. elbrigaking,

    Thank you for reading. I, unfortunately, didn’t know what I wanted to do in life until after I graduated with a degree in business. So over here in the states it’s tough to get an editorial position without any background (I’m working on that). I think that can only improve my own writing.

  3. This particular poem was influenced by an interview of (or with?) musician Bradford Cox.

    He said, “I don’t know where anything I write comes from. It’s definitely a process of channeling something… I figure out what the lyrics mean the same way anybody who hears this album for the first time does. I don’t have the capacity to write stuff consciously. When I do, it’s really awful” (BC).

    Here’s the page:

    I just wanted to write something really fast then look back and see what I was talking about. I usually don’t do that, but I’m going to try it more. I just need to either turn my brain off or go faster. Then again it’s not that ideas don’t come to me fast or I can’t write fast, it’s just that I consciously think it through each time – everything has an immediate meaning.

  4. After a hard days work… I look forward to and enjoy reading your new posts. Keep it up… a pleasure to read.

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