Sick Pyramid

forecast is slippery
My nose is no nose –
Instead it’s a shower head
My trash bin carries a heavy load
of soggy tissue stacked into a pyramid
So many sneezes I’m no longer receiving “Bless Yous”
[I think people want me to go home] silence is their way
to chase away the infected – instead I stay late, watching them go
Is it too late for a flu shot if I’ve got the flu and if I’ve got the flu is that why I’m hot

– Eric McCarty (11/29/2011)

4 thoughts on “Sick Pyramid

  1. You are such an original writer; I’ve been reading your poems this morning and love the way you explore different themes and ideas. You don’t just fall back on the usual subjects people write poetry about, and your blog is most definitely a cliche-free zone!

    I love this pyramid poem; it works so well (and, again, totally original in theme) without sounding forced. And it’s amusing and well-written as well as throwing a subtle light on human behaviour and reactions. Wonderful final line.

  2. Thank you. I don’t know why, but sometimes minor things are very interesting to me. I’ve been keeping up with your work also. I should read some more of your previous writing and will do so soon. It is inspiring.

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