Music Addiction

“Alright everyone. Find a seat that suits you. I want everyone to be comfortable. This is a safe place. Walt..Walt? That means you too.”

Picking a seat is like picking my nose. I’ve only got a couple choices, doesn’t make much difference either way.

“Thank you Walt. This is a safe environment everyone.”

She’s speaking like we’re in a bomb shelter or something. It would be more appropriate to say ‘I know none of you want to be here and no one has a problem, but let’s all do our time quickly. The faster we go through this process, the quicker you all can get back to your addictions.’

“Now I want to start with Peggy. Peggy, can you share your feelings from this past week? Huh-how have you been coping without music? Have you been using?”

“No, I ain’t been using. I ain’t used my iPod since last month, I told ya that already. I don’t feel like sharing. I ain’t happy.”

“Thank you Peggy for being so open. Group…?”

In unison, “Thank You Peggy.”

“Peggy, why are you sad?”

“I ain’t say I’m sad, I said I ain’ts happy, AND, I don’t feeeel like sharin’.”

Move on lady.

“Ok, now I know we normally go around in a circle, but I want to change things up. Norman? How has your week been?”

“I don’t need to walk around in circles, walk around in circles, walk around in circles-”

“Walt! Singing is absolutely prohibited. This is Norman’s stage, now go ahead Norman.”

“Umm, well, I was found by my wife…”

“It’s ok Norman, we won’t judge, we’re here to help”

“I don’t remember where I was, probably in the house somewhere. She says.. I was gyrating and nodding off in some type of euphoric state. After I came down, she tells me she could hear me using from all the way upstairs. She left me, I think she’s staying at her mom’s place with the kids. All I remember is finding some old headphones in a dusty drawer in the attic, like they were hidden up there; like I’m some kind of CHILD!”

“Now-now Norm-”

“I’m a (-an) grown man dammit!”

“Good Norman, release the hurt.”

“So yeah, I wanted to test em out, I found some batteries and..”

“So this was premeditated?”

“..I put them in and played an old album, whatever was in my Walkman. Nirvana I think. And I don’t remember pressing play. I just wanted to see… if it worked..”

What a sap Norman is. Just play your music man, who cares who judges.

“Now everyone.?”

“Thank You Norman.”

“Walt, since you didn’t join us in thanking Norman, you can go next. How has your week been? Have you used lately.”

“No I haven’t and this week has been miserable, thank you. I’m unproductive at work and I’d like to thank everybody for helping me beat my addiction. My job gave me a two-week notice to bring up my performance, and I’ll probably be fired. I’d like to let everyone know that I no longer hear voices or songs in my head. Actually, for the most part of each day I think of nothing at all. Thank you all.”

“Thank You Walt-.”

“Norman? That Nirvana album; did you like it?”

“Oh yes.”

“I like this album, go listen to it tonight.”

“Walt! You can’t bring paraphernalia in here! That’s absurd!!”

“So you’re telling me you don’t use every once in a while?”

“Walt, I’m not a music addict.”

“What was the last album you listened to?”

“That’s irrelevant, I’m not an addi-“

“Exactly, we all use. We all love to and we’re all addicts. Music is my heroine. I’m going to go take a hit.”

– Eric McCarty (11/22/2011)

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