Tissue Explosion!

Image by Eric McCarty

Tissue Explosion!
This? = the ambush I come home to
Who could be the culprit?
It can’t possibly be this cute k-9 at my shoe tips
If I could investigate her intestines with an X-ray
Papier-mâché would be in mid-discovery of decay
Yet she’s so delighted her tail wags like helicopter propellers
If this were her doing she wouldn’t tell it
Her jubilance dents my armor
Still I make her lounge atop her landfill
“Bad dog” I whisper after I pluck each piece
Her head lowers like the deceased

– Eric McCarty (11/21/2011)

3 thoughts on “Tissue Explosion!

  1. Thank you so much! My goal for the week is to write poems that I consider fun. I was reading an old notebook and noticed some differences in my writing this year vs. last year. It was fun to reminisce and try to take myself back to where I was when I wrote them. And thank you for tweeting; I’m glad you like it enough to share.

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