– [subtraction]

It’s not easy guiding the work of another.
I know the feeling
Having my creative limbs chopped
Branches punching the earth
Register a haunting thud
That only prolongs the experience

It’s when we come to the realization that
Subtraction divides good from great
That our creatures will readily walk away
With less weight, and more to say

– Eric McCarty (written 11/15/2011)

One thought on “– [subtraction]

  1. This is basically my thought process after having reviewed a poem. It’s like slashing through another’s passion. It’s hard to feel helpful when doing so, but that’s the point, to help so that future poems will be even better. This might be why so many people are afraid to share their works with others. Reactions are important, but in the end it’s about getting better so that those same people will come back hungry and thirsty for more ink. We writers should all help each other if we can.. Read, read, read…write, write, write.

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